"The results achieved were beyond expectations. Two of the contestants formed part of teams that won their races and a third set a world record. All paid significant credit for their success to the work they had done with Gary Leboff”.
Gary Hunter
Executive Producer, BBC

Gary Leboff is a unique figure in the world of coaching, applying the psychological skills of international sport to the business arena. Building upon his record with Premiership footballers and top-level golfers, Gary has adapted sports-related strategies to the demands of corporate team building and motivation.

Steeped in the ethos of champions, Gary has worked in football, tennis, rugby union and golf. Gary’s approach to coaching and the training environment is refreshing, accessible and user friendly. His business clients range from Chief Executives to factory floor employees.

Gary’s reputation is founded on creativity and innovation. Instead of taking an off-the-shelf ‘consultancy approach’, Gary designs bespoke solutions to meet individual challenges. At a time when managers and teams find themselves under increasing pressure, Gary Leboff provides fresh insight and impetus to signpost the way forward.

Gary Leboff is a familiar face on TV: his work formed a centrepiece of BBC’s groundbreaking series ‘The Challenge’, he offers expert commentary on sporting issues on BBC 1 & BBC2 and has also appeared on both ITN and Channel 4 News.

Gary’s first book ‘Dare’ was published in 2006.